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Investnuggets Ltd offers a secure, transparent and clearly laid out worldwide online advertising platform for entrepreneurs seeking financial investors and lenders for:

  • Start-up financing for new companies
  • Launch of projects, products and services
  • Developments in ICT technology
  • Investments in real estate
  • Acquisition of machines and equipment in agriculture, industry and services
  • Investment capital in other companies
  • Etc.

You may well be familiar with the problem of investing a lot of time and effort making inquiries with banks and lenders or searching the Internet for investors. We would like to offer all advertisers seeking capital a simple and effortless opportunity to search for financial backers quickly and successfully with no restrictions on time or location.

Our independent, international advertising service offers a competitive and clearly laid out platform for locating interested investors via the Internet.
Investnuggets Ltd is financed through the advertising fees.
Your advert will be published worldwide on the online portal without limitation and until withdrawn for an affordable cost of US$ 95.-- per month and advert.

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What added value can the investor expect ?
Are you oriented on profit and benefit but have little time? It couldn't be easier: a simple mouse-click gives institutional or private investors access to adverts that may correspond with their strategic alignment, successfully supplement their product portfolio with regard to technology and innovation, or open up transactions with raw materials that help secure their production activities at low cost. Find your profitable 'nuggets' and see for yourself what the advertisers have to offer.
As an independent, international online advertising platform, we offer a simple, secure and discreet method of accessing projects, products and services published globally by companies and private entrepreneurs seeking financial backing and publishing offers and inquiries.
The service provided by Investnuggets Ltd is free of charge to you. Only the advertiser pays for the cost of his advert.